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Root Apps for Android
« on: June 01, 2016, 10:37:07 AM »
Top 9 Root Apps for Android:

1-Root Browser
Root Browser is a file manager app which has most of the same functions as Root Explorer but is available for free.

 One of the most popular benefits of rooting Android is being able to block advertisements across all apps and browsers.
 AdAway is one of the best ways to do that. This powerful ad blocker comes with a number of unique advantages.

3-Quick Boot (Reboot)
 Sick of awkwardly holding down the power button and volume buttons to restart your Android phone or tablet? Quick Boot wants to help.
 Quick Boot lets you easily reboot your device, power off your device, or boot your device into recovery or bootloader mode with just a single tap. It’s a lifesaver for rooted Android users who need to frequently restart their devices.

4-System App Remover
 One of the most annoying parts of getting a new smartphone is removing all the unnecessary system apps from your home page.
 System App Remover wants to help you instantly remove those apps from more than just the homepage: it wants to help you safely and quickly uninstall all of those annoying system apps you never use.

5-SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD
 For some bizarre reason, Android 4.4 KitKat disabled the ability to write files to your microSD card. SDFix aims to fix that problem.
 This root-only app provides an easy fix for MicroSD writing problems. It restores the ability that KitKat took away simply by changing a line in one single configuration file.

 DiskDigger is one of those apps that you’ll probably never use until you really need it.
 DiskDigger lets you recover lost data that was corrupted or accidentally deleted. It can undelete and recover lost photos from your camera’s internal memory, for example. If you just reformatted your memory card or accidentally deleted a photo, then DiskDigger is usually the best way to get it back.

7-Titanium Backup(Automatic backup and recovery app)
 Titanium Backup is a root-only Android app created by Titanium Track. It's the best backup app currently available for Android. You can back up virtually every byte of data on your device, including unique app data, user data, and more.

8-Greenify(Performance Boost up tools)
 Greenify is one of the reasons why rooting your phone can save so much battery life. Greenify can boost battery life by an average of 2-4 hours simply by intelligently managing how apps run in the background.

9-SuperSU(SuperSU Desciption)
SuperSU is one of the world’s most popular root-only apps. It acts like a security guard for your phone, helping you manage app permissions and ensure apps don’t overstep their boundaries. It's constantly running in the background of most rooted Android users' phones, just waiting for an app to ask for superuser permissions.

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Re: Root Apps for Android
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