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Mission and Vision/FAQ,s




Mission : will keep you and your company constantly aware, updated, and in-tuned with the world through the continuous development of innovation.


Vision : aims to serve as a portal for social sharing, online trading, and value-added services  using innovative and technologically-advanced platform.


About is a free online advertising platform featuring IT-related products, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras , and more catering to Filipinos residing locally and abroad. The website is designed to easily and smoothly bring both suppliers and consumers to one another and share their knowledge, services, and skills related to web, electronic gadgets and devices.



How works?


The team focuses on promoting your IT-related products and services through our online portal. Designed to be a online classified ads platform for buyers, sellers, and online shoppers, we aim to help our members get the most out of their online shopping for PCs, mobile phones, gadgets, electronics,web programming skills, virtual assistant or any other  IT related products and services .


Privacy Policy



The team is dedicated to share values and enhance technologically-inclined individuals and IT groups in the Philippines and all over the whole world. and all its  members, users, clients, customers, and partners are bounded by the following privacy policies.


1. Understand what you are signing for. is an online classified ads website and social community for technology enthusiasts who are looking at buying, selling, or trading gadgets and devices. Once you signed up on the website, you agree to its terms and conditions.


2. will change its features from time to time, especially according to our members requests and necessities . We want every user satisfied with our website's services, features, and rules. Changes may occur with or without notification to our members.


3. Our system monitors users' logs and activities to ensure that proper governance and implementation of rules occur. We ensure that all your information will be kep safe and secure. We use SSL and other security knowledge to secure our database including our users' information such as name, email, and contact numbers.


4. Our system that stores users' logs and information is strictly confidential  and shall not be shared to anyone in any way. We guarantee that we will never use your information for any unthetical activity and/or sell them to any third party.


5. is not responsible for any maliciuos  or suspicious change in your account. Users are expected to protect and secure their own accounts, profiles, and advertisements.


Rules and Regulations



The use of is governed by rules and regulations in which users, members, and visitors of the site are expected to strictly observe and follow. Read the following dos and don'ts within the website.



1. We prohibit posting of illegal products and inappropriate ad descriptions.

2. We prohibit posting of wrong and/or misleading information about your ads and profile.

3. We prohibit our users to give their account and login details to anybody for their own security.

4. We prohibit the use of the website to anyone without ads, including all or any of the following:

a. Spamming;

b. Sending inappropriate messages;

c. Sending messages using unethical words;


5. We prohibit the use of bad, foul, and inappropriate words, especially when posting negative feedback. Please be professional at all times . Everything can be delivered in the right way.

6. We prohibit the use of the website for copying other user’s products, logos, and ad details without permission from the owner of advertisers. is not liable to whatever happens to your account and everything in it, including profile, products, and photos.

7. We prohibit the use of the website to post multiple feedback and comments to any user, especially if there is no transaction that happened. However, we strickly encourage to post feedback after every transaction.

8. is a third-party classified ads website. We are not responsible or liable  to any transaction that happens between buyers and sellers.




1. We only allow posting of ads that are correct, original, legal, and appropriate.

2. Make sure to publish complete details of your advertisements.

3. We strictly promote honesty and auntheticity in all ads being posted, Please avoid misleading and spam ads.



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